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George Clooney. Hmmm. What do I think of him as The Batman? I really don't know. He's an enigma, I guess. We will never get to see how well he could've been as The Bat because BATMAN & ROBIN sucked so freakin' bad! But the potential was there.

He looked more like Bruce Wayne than Keaton or Kilmer. He looked good in the Bat-suit. He is a hell of an actor. But, he got hooked up with a simply horrible script and a goofy-ass take on Batman that nobody, sans Joel Schumacher and Akiva Goldsman, wanted. I actually thought that Clooney worked the best as Bruce Wayne. His Wayne may have been the best. He should come off as this happy-go-lucky, rich dude. Wayne is the mask, not Batman. However, once he was in the Bat-gear, he was the SAME! There was no raspy voice. No dark, menecing presence. Just happy-go-lucky, Bat-card flashing, one-liner saying Batman! What a waste!

Being the stand up guy that Clooney seems to be, he took the blame for the film's poor turn. He has gone on record saying that he "killed the franchise." But I think I speak for the fans of the Bat-movies by saying not true, George. We blame the script and the director. I myself would like to see Clooney in another Bat-film. Just recently, Clooney went public with the fact that he presented a story treatment to WB for BATMAN 5. While it went a little bizzare--he wanted it to have been a dream Wayne had in a psycho-ward--he none the less wanted a dark Batman. But of course that is not going to happen. We are getting two Bat-films soon, and Dr. Ross is not in the mix for either. George, what could have been?