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What do I think about the BATMAN franchise? In this section, I let you know what I think WB should do with the Bat movies. Agree? Disagree? Responses and feedback are welcomed.

October 2000: BATMAN BEYOND: Put it in the continuity of the last four films.

The recent news that the upcoming BATMAN BEYOND film may be set in the continuity of the last four films, has prompted me to write a commentary. I will go on record and say that I think that is the way to go. By doing that, WB can: 1)Make ammends for the last Bat-film. 2) End the last series and have a springboard for a new one. And, 3) Avoid a lot of continuity problems.

After BATMAN & ROBIN. I think WB owes the fans of that series a decent ending. By keeping this new movie in conituity, wrongs can be written and let the "Bruce" of that series go out with a bang, so to speak. Let that "BW" return to the kick-ass, take no sh##, vigelante that started out as. Even though Wayne in BB will not be Batman anymore, he can still be portrayed as a tough old SOB. Do we really want our last view of that Batman to be seen carrying the "Bat-card?" I think not.

This bring me right into my second point. The film can serve as a springboard for a new film. I mean, it is not going to start with Terry being the Batman of the future and go from there. Yeah, I know the background story, but 95% of the people who will go to the theater to see this film will have no idea why he is now Batman. There has to be a backstory. And the last four films can provide that story. There needs to be the old Bat-suits, batmobile, etc. hanging in the Batcave. How else is Terry going to figure out who Wayne once was. And too, those are the costumes, cars, Bat-pros that the audience will be familier with as well. Does Dini, Yakin, and co. need to make up a whole new past for Wayne and Batman when one already exits?

And finally, with the 4 films of the past, and the upcoming YEAR ONE, do we need 3 separate Bat-continuities? No, I think not. Keep it simple so to avoid mass confusion. Remember, most people will think this is a "futuristic" sequel anyway. You don't have to be blatant in showing that it is a sequel. That can be done in subtle ways so that the movie can also stand alone.

So, there you have it. Let BB be BATMAN 5. The franchise will be the better if it is.

Agree? Disagree? Let me know!


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